Sex Toys & Phthalates

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Sex Toys & Phthalates

Many of us are very conscience about what we eat and drink, and opt for organic foods, vegetables and meats where we can.  We also use eco products for washing ourselves and our clothes.  However, when it comes to our sex toys ‘green’ is not always the first thing on our minds!

What are Phthalates?

Greenpeace has recently called on the European Union to ban the use of chemical plastic softeners in sex toys because they contain substances known as phthalates.

Pronounced ‘thalates’ (the ‘ph’ is silent), phthalates are colourless oil-like chemicals that can make everything from vinyl to nail varnish more flexible, depending on the size of the molecules. They are also present in children’s toys to make them more sturdy when under pressure from biting or cracking. Between 1998 and 2000 there were numerous reports on the alleged health effects caused by phthalates. Some health and environmental activists are currently pushing for products such as toys and plastic food packaging containing phthalates to come under scrutiny and possibly carry stickers to advise consumers that phthalates are present in the product they are buying.

Some people even called for women to stop wearing nail varnish, just in case!

How does phthalates affect your sex toys?

It is important to understand what your toy is made from to enable you to make imformed choices about use, and health and hygiene. Products that contain phthalates can be identified by a plasticy smell…….remember that smell the last time you treated yourself to a new shower curtain?  Toys that contain phthalates are made from jelly rubber and are likely to degrade over time. There is no hard scientific data available at present to show that phthalates in sex toys pose a risk to human health. The risk of contracting a health defect due to phthalates present in some sex toys is much less than the risk of contracting an infection from an unwashed sex toy, an STI from a shared sex toy or a heart attack brought on by excitement through using a sex toy. If you’re concerned, it’s sensible to make sure that each time you use one of these products you use a condom over the top of it. That way, you can give yourself peace of mind, protect yourself from STIs and still enjoy your favourite sex toy.

The good news is that all silicone toys are phthalates free!  It is really  fantastic to see manufacturers responding to customer concerns.  Some manufacturers like Tantus and Top Cat have been proactive and eliminated the use of phthalates in their products.

We have also seen the phenomenal increase of Glass products on the market.  They are made of hardened, blown glass similar to ‘Pyrex’, and so are very sturdy.  What’s really remarkable about these toys is how stunning they are, and what personality they have.  The shapes and designs are often practical as well as atheistically pleasing.

The best advise if you are unsure of what your toy is made from or if it may contain phthalates is to contact your sex toys supplier.  They will have, or have access to full details of the product.
As they say, it’s important to have a healthy sex life!

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