How To Choose A Sex Game

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How To Choose A Sex Game

‘Play time’ should be really fun and there are lots of different games to play with your partner….but which to choose? You can purchase several board games for this activity, which have been specially designed to address sex and relationship issues. However, if you’re looking for a less expensive way to add some game playing to your sex life, there are some fun, easy and inexpensive games you can play yourselves…..and best of all, you can be ready to play in no time!

We all enjoy a romantic getaway…. and it doesn’t need to be to a gorgeous country house hotel in the Scottish highlands.  You can just ‘get away’ from the kitchen to the bedroom…. Try setting the mood with Bed of Roses. This kit includes — an invitation to your partner, red silk rose petals, rose-scented oil, and four tea light candles to help you set a romantic mood. Sprinkle the roses in the bed, or create a trail of roses from the front door to wherever you want to play.

Foreplay is a great game for couples that have been together for years and are looking to reconnect, as well as for couples that are just getting to know each other. To play the game, you and your partner answer questions or fulfil actions as stated on the playing cards.  Half of this board game’s cards are questions to ask each other along the lines of turn-ons, preferences, and desires while other cards are specific sensual actions to do to each other. The “heart cards” offer erotic and romantic ways of touching, playing, and being close. If you and your partner want to connect with each other and find ways to touch each other pleasurably and differently, this game is for you.

All you need for ‘Hide and Seek Sex’ is  a) something to hide and  b) a list of sexual treats you both like.  To play first, draw straws or role dice to determine who will hide first and who will seek first. Whoever is the first “Hider” takes the item you’re hiding and attaches a note about what sexual reward the finder gets if they find the item. Then the Hider hides the item anywhere in the house. The Seeker has 24 hours to find the item if they want to be rewarded with the sexual treat it offers. This game, also, has the benefit of continuing for as long as you want it to… days, weeks or even years!

‘Dare Me Dice’ is another home grown favourite, and all you need is a standard pair of dice.  To play, sit down together and assign each possible numerical combination on the dice a sexual act (make sure you write this down so there aren’t any arguments later!). For example, snake eyes (double one to the uninitiated!) are worth a long sensual kiss, a four and a three are worth oral sex, and two sixes are worth……..well you get the gist!.  Then, when the mood hits you, or each night before bed, one person gets to roll the dice and wins the sexual act that goes with the number he or she rolled. This is even better if some of the numerical combinations on the dice are “loser” combinations. For example, rolling a four could just be getting tickled or being hit with a pillow!

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